Santino Severoni

Health and Migration Programme WHO, Geneve, Switzerland

Dr. Severoni is Director of the Migration Health Programme, Office of the Deputy Director-General, at the WHO headquarters in Geneva. Since 2000 he has held senior positions at the World Health Organization European Office. He is a medical doctor, health economist, epidemiologist, and experienced system management.

He has over 24 years of experience as an international senior technical advisor and executive, worked for governments, multilateral organizations, NGOs, and foundations in Eastern Africa, Balkans, Central Asia and Europe. He has dedicated his work to global health during his professional career, focusing on health sector reforms, health system strengthening, health diplomacy, aid coordination/effectiveness, management of complex emergencies, and as WHO Representative in Albania and Tajikistan. In 2011 have been establishing and leading the public health aspect of migration work for the WHO Regional Office for Europe. In 2019 he was appointed EURO Special Representative on health & migration and Director a.i. on health systems and public health.

In June 2020,  he was appointed Director of the Migration Health Programme at the WHO Headquarter in Geneva to lead the WHO global work on health and migration.